Advanced Compton Telescope

- witness to the fires of creation -


Our collaboration is studying a vision mission concept for an Advanced Compton Telescope (ACT). ACT is a mission in the Cycles of Matter and Energy section of NASA's January 2003 Roadmap for the Structure and Evolution of the Universe theme. An Advanced Compton Telescope is explicitly called for in the Roadmap for future progress in gamma-ray astronomy. The mission was described as the primary tool to "uncover how supernovae and other stellar explosions work to create the elements".

The goal of the present Concept Study (May 2004 - May 2005) is to sharpen our focus on the specific questions likely to be of most interest ca. 2013 and to identify key technologies and instrument configurations that can best address those questions.

  • Final Report (.pdf, Submitted, 6 Mbyte, 12/20/05)
  • KITP talk (.ppt, 54 Mbyte, 7/11/07)